Recent updates at ClassicDOOM.com:

03/31/19: Began hosting PSXDRIVERPLAYER's Play Doom like a modern shooter FAQ
03/02/19: Posted update of the PS1/Sat Doom Password Mechanics FAQ
02/21/19: Began hosting PSXDRIVERPLAYER's PS1/Sat Doom Password Mechanics FAQ
02/19/19: Edits to SNES section of DoomComp and corrected section-number typos
          Edits/additions to a couple questions on the site's general FAQ page
01/25/19: Fixed, or removed when necessary, broken links on the DoomLinx page
01/22/19: Updated 2 video links on XboxSpec (Sewers and Betray WADs) page
12/15/18: Updated DoomComp file (Classic Doom comparision guide)
          Updated some content on this site's Frequently Asked Questions page
12/11/18: Updated main Classic Doom Glossary
12/10/18: DOOM turns 25, Happy Birthday!
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