How to get to the green armor (and the tunnel beyond it) in
PC Final Doom TNT level 19, Shipping/Respawning:

In the middle of the north edge of the map is a dark room,
with a wide platform/shelf at its north end.  Sitting on
the platform, just out of reach, is a green Security Armor
vest.  Just behind and below the armor is a short tunnel.

That platform can be temporarily lowered by activating a
switch, allowing access to the vest and the tunnel beyond.

Just outside this room is a passage, where low steps lead
up and west.  Just a few paces past the top step, the
passage turns south.  Here at the corner you'll see a brown
wall panel.  This is the switch that controls the platform.

The trick is to activate that switch and get to the lowered
platform before it rises again.  For best results you may
want to open the door of the room, run and activate the
switch, then run down into the room before the door closes.

To access a demo that shows how to get onto the green-armor
platform, click here.

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