Get the outdoor Megasphere on TNT map 11, Storage Facility:

At skill levels 3, 4 and 5 a Megasphere is located outdoors
near the middle of the south edge of the map.  It sits atop
some crates, where it is seemingly out of reach.

You can get the Megasphere by using an Arch-Vile's attack
to lift you up onto the crates.  (At Skills 3 and above an
Arch-Vile is released when you step across the star-shaped
patch of red corrosive located nearby.)

For best results, lure the Arch-Vile a fair distance away
from the crates, and make sure your health is high enough
to survive an attack.  (Save your game here, if you wish.)
Position yourself directly between it and the crates, and
as it attacks you, walk or run toward the Megasphere.

With some luck and good timing, the Arch-Vile's attack will
lift you to the top of the crates.

PC TNT players can click here to access a demo that shows
how to reach the outdoor Megasphere.

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