How to find the secret exit on Doom II level Wolfenstein
(and access level Grosse):

The secret exit is accessible from the same room where the
regular exit elevator is located.  If you know where that
is, skip down to THE SECRET EXIT, below.

Here's the path that leads from the level's starting point
to both exits:

At the level's start, go out the door and turn left/north.
Head straight north, continuing through 4 doors in a row.
After the fourth, turn left and go through the west door.
Proceed ahead west, then south, then west to another door.
Go through and turn left, and leave through the south door.
Continue on south, through the next 2 doors in a row.
At the intersection, go left/east, and go to the last door.

As you step into the last main room of the level (where the
regular-exit elevator is located) turn right.
In the southwest corner of this room, look for a secret
panel on the south wall.  When Activated it opens to reveal
a very short passage leading south, then east.
Step in, but do not go east.  Look for another secret panel
in the southwest corner of this passage, on the west wall.
When Activated, it opens up a short, twisting path leading
to the secret-exit elevator...

________|    |_________   ___________
                       |_|   Last    |_      Regular
         Last door -->  _    room     _| <-- exit
_______________________| |  _________|       switch
              ___     ___| |_
Secret      _|   |  _|  _____|
  exit --> |_    |_|   |
switch       |_________|

PC Doom 2 players can click here to access a demo showing
how to find the secret exit on this level.

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