Player only gets 87% secrets on level 27, Monster Condo:

This is due to the fact that a "secret" sector resides at
the edge of a teleporter, and it is normally impossible for
a player to cross the secret's boundary (and thus have it
registered in the score) before being teleported away.
(This teleporter is near the north end of the level, and is
accessed by activating the eastern-most skull-switch in the
large room in the northeast corner of the map.)

If desired, this problem can be circumvented by use of the
"no-clipping" cheat code: Activate the cheat code, move to
the middle of the teleporter pad, toggle the code off, then
step off the pad.  For information on cheat codes, access

PC Doom II players can access a demo for this level showing
how to reach all accessible Secrets, by clicking here.

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