How to access the keys and the exit in TTRAP.WAD:

At the start of the mission, you'll appear in a small
chamber at the center of the map, facing north towards a
switch.  Slightly ahead and to your left and right are a
pair of narrow lifts in the raised position.  This small
starting chamber will be the universal starting point for
finding each of the keys.

Note: The blue key is not needed to gain access to the
other keys, or the exit.
From the level's starting point, turn to the left-hand
elevator (in the northwest corner of the room).  Hit
spacebar to lower it (if it doesn't automatically lower),
and get on.  When you get to the top, follow the passage
northwest till you come to a large, hexagonal well, or pit,
with a huge pillar rising up from the center.  Surrounding
the pit is a ledge, which in turn is surrounded by six high
walls, which enclose the area.

Jump into the pit and look for a switch on the west wall,
and activate it.  This will lower the entire pillar, except
for its narrow central core.  Ride the elevator/pillar up
to the top where a Megasphere awaits.  Grab the Megasphere
and a series of 5 windows will open up in the walls around
you: A high window on the north-east wall, and four more
windows in other walls, each window lower than the next in
counter-clockwise order in the walls around the room.
From the top of the pillar, you can Run and jump through
any of these windows, except the highest one.  Each
accessible window leads into one of 4 narrow rooms,
connected together at the ends, forming a path from the
highest room down to the lowest.

In the lowest room is a switch.  Activate this switch, then
follow the path back up to the highest room you can get to
(it will be to the north-west of the hexagonal area).  Turn
to the windowsill in this room, walk up to it and press
spacebar.  This will cause part of the sill to drop, then
rise again a second later.  Get on and ride up.  Just
outside the window, and a bit to the left, you'll see a
series of tall, very narrow structures (somewhat like
flagpoles) sticking up from the ledge surrounding the pit.
These are all mini-elevators, loosely arranged in a
stair-step pattern.  Walk up, across the tops of these
poles, to the next highest window on your left.
(If you fall off a "flagpole", simply walk up to the
eastern-most pole and press spacebar to drop it down; get
on and ride back up.)

The highest window leads into the one room you couldn't get
into a minute ago.  Walk into this room.  As you enter,
some walls will drop, revealing the blue skull key to the
northeast.  It will be on a raised half-wall.  Walk up to
this structure and press spacebar to lower it, allowing you
access to the key.  You can leave this area and get back to
the level's starting point through a passage in the
southeast corner of the hexagonal area, accessible from the
ledge surrounding the pit.

From the level's starting point, turn to the right-hand
elevator (in the northeast corner of the room).  Hit
spacebar to lower it (if it doesn't automatically lower),
and get on.  When you get to the top, follow the passage
east till you come to a large chamber.  In the south-east
corner of the chamber, look for a recessed door with
blue-triangle markings.  Go through the door and follow the
path around to another door.  Go through and jump down into
the large square pit ahead of you.  In the center of the
pit is a square, spiral-staircase structure.  From the
bottom of this pit, follow the stairs up and around to the
top of the structure.

At the top is a single square block or slab you can stand
on.  Center yourself within this square, and then look at
your Automap to get yourself oriented.
Running EAST off the top slab of the spiral stairs will
cause the large square structure to the east to lower to
ground level.  (On top of that structure are some goodies
you can get.)

Running SOUTH off the top slab of the spiral stairs will
cause a wall to drop down from in front of a rocket
launcher that sits nearby on a square pedestal to the south
of the spiral stairs.
Run south off the top of the spiral stairs, and get on the
lowered wall.  In a moment it rises again.  Grab the rocket
launcher, and continue south, stepping off the pedestal
that the launcher sits on.

As you step off, a passage in the wall ahead of you to the
south opens up.  Walk through and look for a blue-rimmed
doorway ahead of you to the south.  You can open the door
(you'll need the blue key) and activate the switch you see
there if desired, but this is not necessary to get the red

Proceed south-east, passing to the left of the blue-doored
booth ahead of you, and jump down into the water.  You'll
be in a circular area.  Head south to cross an invisible
trigger line that opens a ground-level door in the east
wall of this circular area.  Head east through the door,
and it closes behind you.  You'll be in a large room,
containing some large, square, pillar-like elevators,
running floor to ceiling.  As you approach close to these
pillars, they drop down automatically.

Head for the middle pillar in the eastern-most row of three
pillars.  The red key sits on top of this pillar/elevator.
When it drops down, get on the pillar, grab the red key,
and ride up.  When you get to the top, you'll be in a tiny
enclosed chamber.  Look for a red switch on the east wall
and activate it.  Turn and walk to the west wall and hit
Spacebar to cause the pillar you're on to drop back down.
The red button you hit re-opens the door that let you into
this area.  To get back out of this area, head for the door
you came through, in the west wall.

If you've picked up the blue Mega-armor in the west side of
the chamber, the chamber's floor may have dropped, making
the west door too high for you to reach.  In this case,
head for the middle pillar in the western-most row of three
pillars.  When it drops down, get on and ride it back up.
You can Run and jump to the west-side door from the pillar
when the pillar is about halfway along its travel up or
down.  (If you're still on this pillar when it gets to the
top, you'll be in a tiny enclosed chamber.  Walk to the
west wall of this chamber and hit spacebar to make the
pillar drop, then immediately run west to jump back through
the west door).

Once you're back in the circular area (with the blue-water
floor) you can get back to the level's starting point by
heading up the stairs around the corner to the north.  Go
through the open door in the north wall and turn west.
Head down this short tunnel to the level's starting point.

To get the yellow key you first need the red key (see "RED
KEY", above).
From the level's starting point, turn south and walk
forward.  The floor will drop down.  Continue south and the
floor will drop down again, letting you into a tiny square
chamber to the south, with a red-rimmed door to the west.
Open the door and follow the path west to a circular room
with a rounded black pillar in the center.  Walk up to the
pillar and press Spacebar to make it drop down, revealing a
plasma rifle.  When you grab the gun, it causes 2 chambers
to open up in the room; one to the north-northeast, one to
the east-southeast.  On the back wall of each chamber is a
switch.  The northeast switch opens a door leading
southwest to a balcony.  The other switch causes a step to
rise in front of a window, on the northwest side of the
circular room.  Run up this step, through the window, and
onto the "eye structure" which sits on a short pedestal out
on the balcony.  Standing on this eye structure allows you
to step over the railing of the balcony and drop down to a
large open area to the southwest.  If you fall off the eye
structure before you can jump over the railing, walk along
the balcony to a door in the wall on your left.  This door
lets you back into the circular room.

Jump off the balcony, and head for a nearby metallic-grey
building, which is directly southwest of the middle of the
balcony.  Go around back, to the west side of the building,
and look for a door recessed into the middle of the wall.
Go through the door and turn right, and look for a lift in
the raised position.  Activate the lift so it drops, then
ride it up.  Turn left (south), and open the door ahead.
With the door open, back up and then Run, jumping to the
other building ahead of you to the south.  With some luck,
you'll land on the wide ledge that runs along the north
side of this building.  Once you're on this ledge, turn
left (east) and head for a raised area marked with twin
blue triangles.

Walk up to this surface and press Spacebar.  A raised
pathway will drop down momentarily, forming a "channel"
which leads east and then south.  When this channel-pathway
is open, run all the way to its end around the corner.  At
the end of the channel is a lift on your right.  Activate
it, get on and ride up.  You'll be at the east end of a
long room.  In the middle of the room is a switch on a
post, sticking up out of the floor.  Go activate the
switch, then leave this building (either through a window,
or back along the path you came from).

Now run for the northern-most building in the area.  Go
around to the west side of this building, and look for an
outer door.  To the right of this door is a short, dead-end
alley.  There will probably be a barrel in this alley.  If
so, destroy it.  (Otherwise the barrel will block a jump
that you'll make in a minute.)

Go to the door, open it and go up the stairs (east).  At
the top of the stairs turn right (south).  You'll see a
switch at the far end of the hallway ahead of you; go
activate it.  When you come back from the switch, you'll
see some more stairs to your left (west).  Go up, and get
the Megasphere you see there, if desired.  Now go to the
window that will be near by.  The window opens to the
north.  Go to the edge of the window and look out of it,
north.  You'll see that ahead of you and below, and through
a few more windows, is the yellow key, sitting on a
pedestal.  (If the key is not plainly visible, your weapon
may be blocking your view of it.)
Now step back to get a running start, and Run north,
through the series of windows, and grab the yellow key.

To exit this map, you will first need to use the yellow
key.  As you pick up the yellow key, exit the building and
get back outside, to ground level.  Now head to the
building which is the western-most building in the area (it
will be south south-west of the building where you got the
yellow key).

Head for the northwest corner of the building, and you'll
see a metallic lift there, in the raised position.  On top
of the lift should be a barrel.  If it's there, destroy it.
Activate the lift to drop it, then get on and ride up.  At
the top is a yellow door.  Open it.  This will cause the
four outer walls of this building to rise up.
Get back to ground level, and go around to the opposite
side of the lift, and look for a switch there.  Activating
it will open a barrier which otherwise blocks a path to the

To get to the exit, head back towards the level's starting
position: Head for the wooden balcony wall to the east.
Walk up to it and press Spacebar to lower it.  Get on and
ride up.  When you get to the top, go through the door
between the two windows, then head for the hallway to the
east.  Go through the yellow-skull door, then through the
next door, and turn left (north).  Follow the lifts up and
north until you get to the level's start.

You'll see a skull switch in front of you to the north.
Activate it to drop a central lift down.  If you see
barrels here, destroy them from a distance to get them out
of your way.  Then get on the lift and ride it up.  To the
north is a large, complex area.  The exit is on the west
side of this area, and to the north.  From stepping off the
lift, following the left-hand wall clockwise around the
area will eventually lead you to the exit switch.

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