How to beat PC Plutonia level 30, The Gateway of Hell:

Short answer:
In the low circular "well" in the middle of the large open
area, Activate the east-side switch just once.
Activate the west-side switch to drop the pillar, and as
the pillar rises again, fire a rocket straight through the
hole in the demon-faced wall.  To do this, you must fire
just before the pillar rises to its highest point.
It will take at least 2 rockets through the hole in order
to kill the demon-spitter and win the game.

Detailed walkthrough:
You start the level at the southwest corner of the map, in
a circular chamber filled with power-ups, weapons and ammo.
The moment you move from your starting position, you'll
automatically pick up a backpack.  Now pick up everything
else in the room.
On some skill levels, you won't be able to pick up the last
few items.  Don't worry about it, as your ammo levels will
be at maximum anyway.
At one side of this chamber is a hole in the floor.  Step
down through, and pick up the BFG-9000 in the room below.
At the south end of the room is a diamond-shaped teleporter
doorway; Once you step through this doorway, you can't come
Step through and you'll re-appear in the middle of a square
pit in a heart-shaped room.  In the pit is a short pillar
that should be rising when you materialized here.  (If this
pillar does not rise, a bug has occurred.  Reload your last
saved game or restart the level.)
In this room are 2 booths.  When you step off the pillar, a
door on each booth rises, and a pair of Arch-Vile monsters
are released.  There is an Energy Cell Pack in each booth.
An open doorway in the north side of this room leads up to
a kidney-shaped area.  As you cross the threshold into this
area, a wall drops down ahead, revealing a larger open area
to the north.
Near the middle of this large open area is a low circular
"well".  Within the well are a pair of switches, and a wide
pillar that stands in a square pit between the switches.
Just at the north edge of the well is a platform where a
Cyberdemon guards a Megasphere.  Beyond the Cyberdemon is
the game's Boss.  (See THE BOSS, below, for more details.)
Once the Cyberdemon is destroyed, the Boss can be attacked.
Step into the well and Activate the east-side switch to
permanently alter the height of the central pillar.  (After
you Activate this switch, it can be ignored for the rest of
the game.)
Now go around the pillar to the west-side switch, and get
your rocket launcher ready.

Activate the switch and the pillar drops down into the pit.
Jump down into the pit and turn to face north, towards the
demon-faced wall.  Stand on the northern half of the
pillar, and try to center yourself so that you are aligned
for a straight shot through that hole in the distant wall.
As the pillar lifts you above the upper edge of the well,
fire a rocket.  To get a rocket through the hole, you must
launch it just before the pillar rises to its highest
point.  (Once the pillar has completely risen, it is also
possible to get a rocket through the hole by firing just as
you jump back down off the pillar.)

It will usually take 2 shots straight through the hole in
order to kill the Boss, and you must use a rocket launcher,
as no other weapon will do the job here.

If at any time you fall into the lava lake, Run for one of
the tunnel entrances, which are located down below the well
and off to the southeast and southwest.  The stairways in
the tunnels lead back up and around to the area just south
of the well.

To access a demo of this level which shows the method used
to kill the demon-spitter, click here.

As you enter the large open area, you will be facing a
giant "demon-faced wall" to the north.  This is the game's
final "Boss".  Destroy it and you win the game.
In the wall, in the demon's forehead, you'll see a small
rectangular hole.  From this hole the Boss will begin
launching an infinite number of small, skull-faced boxes.
Each box, at some point in its flight, will spontaneously
turn into a monster.
WARNING: If one of these flying boxes "spawns" a monster at
(or above) the player's current coordinates, the player is
destroyed.  This is true even if the player is "invincible"
through the use of power-ups or cheat codes.

Good luck!
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