How to get the Demon Artifact in level 30, The Lair:

You'll first see the flashing Demon Artifact at the top of
a tall pillar in the middle of a large room.
You entered this room through one of two side-by-side
doorways.  Inside the room, between the two doorways, is a
switch on the wall.
Activate that switch to cause three stairways to emerge
along the walls of this room.
Go up the center of the three stairways, and turn left.
On your left will be a small curved room, where a wide
window looks back down into the larger room where the Demon
Artifact is.
As you step into this small curved room, you'll cross over
a floor trigger.  This trigger (or "tripwire") causes a
switch to appear, briefly, in one corner of the large room.
That switch will be high up on the wall, and just to the
right of the right-hand doorway in the large room.  You'll
be able to see this switch by looking out the wide window
of the curved room you just stepped into.  (If you don't
see the switch, walk back out of the curved room, then back
in again, to cross the floor trigger.)
That switch is a shootable switch, meaning you can Activate
it by shooting it with your pistol, either of the shotguns,
or the chaingun.
Shoot the switch, then quickly turn left to look through a
pair of windows that bracket the stairway you just walked
up, and you'll see another small, curved room on the other
side of the stairway.
For a brief moment, you'll see that another shootable
switch is now visible in the far wall of that other curved
room.  Shoot it, and the pedestal with the Artifact will
drop down, allowing access.
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"Demon Artifact" is the term used at this site to describe
each of the three special objects that are hidden among the
secret levels of Doom 64.
Demon Artifacts boost the power of Doom 64's laser weapon,
and also act as special keys that can be used on Doom 64's
"Boss" level.

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