How to get the Demon Artifact in level 29, Outpost Omega:

Before you can get the Demon Artifact on this map, you'll
need to acquire both the red and blue keycards.

When you first arrive on this level, you'll start at one
end of a short hallway.  The door at the far end of the
hallway leads to a large, square room that contains four
Just before the entrance of this "4-cage" room, notice the
slightly-recessed panels in the walls to your left and
right.  If you turn right and Activate the panel there like
a switch, a narrow section of the far wall of the 4-cage
room will drop down, temporarily revealing the red key.
Run to get the key before the wall section closes again.

When you pick up the rocket launcher on the floor at the
center of the "4-cage room" (see "RED KEY", above), the
other door in the 4-cage room will open.
Go through this door, and through the next room, and
continue forward up a shallow flight of stairs, to where
you'll see a switch on the wall.  Activate this switch,
then turn so that your back is to the switch.
Just ahead of you, wall panels have opened to the left and
right.  These openings are two ends of one looping passage.
The left-side opening leads first to a blue-keyed door in
the passage, the right-side opening leads first to another
Take the right-side path and follow it up to the door on
your right.
Go through the door, and follow the next passage around and
down until you come to the blue key on the ground ahead of

Once you have the blue key, go through the blue-keyed door.
As you step through this door, you'll be at the top of a
multi-level maze of passages and platforms.

With your back against the blue-keyed door, the fully
explored maze would look something like this, when viewed
on the wireframe Automap:

    _|   |_
   |_|   |_|  _._     ___
     [   ]   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |               |
 |___|   |___________    |___
     |   |   |   |   |   |   |
  ___|   |___|___|   |___|___|
 |   |   |   |   |___|   |
 |___|   |___|___|]_[|___|
     |   |   |       |   |.
  ___|   |___|_______|___|     Player arrow ("A")
 |   |   |   |   | ~ [ A ]  -- when pointing away
 |___|   |___|___|   |---|     from the blue door
     |___|           |~~~|
     |"""|              \
      \_/                Blue door

For the walkthrough below, follow the path from point "A"
through to point "J" in this diagram:

Two teleporters
  \   ___   /     Switch lowers elevator ("F/I")
    _|   |_      /
   |_|   |_|  _._     ___
     [   ]   | E |   |   |
 |   |   |    Gap        |
 |___|   |_______.....   |___
     |   |   | D | G :   |   |
  ___|   |___|___|...:___|___|
 |   |   |   |Gap|_J_|   |
 |___|   |___|___|]_[|___|      Shootable switch
     |   | F | C     | B |.  __ high up on wall,
  ___|   |_I_|_______|___|      visible from the
 |   |   |   |   | ~ [ A ]      elevator ("F/I")
 |___|   |___|___|   |---|
     |___|           |~~~|
     |"""|              \
      \_/                Blue door
          Soul Sphere

Step off the platform you're on (A), and you'll drop down
to another platform (B).  Turn left and step down again.

Note: The blank wall which is now a few paces straight
ahead of you is actually an elevator (F/I), which must be
lowered by activating a distant switch.  Remember the
location of this elevator.

To your right you can glimpse the flashing Demon Artifact
through a slot near the floor.  To your left is a computer
screen on the wall.

Walk a few paces ahead to where a passage crosses in front
of you.  Step into this intersection (C) and turn right.
Ahead of you is a gap, and then another platform (D) that
you need to get to.
Back up to the edge of the platform you're on (C), then Run
(remember to use your Run button on the controller) across
the gap.

If at any time you miss any jump and fall, simply turn left
and head down to the lowest level of the maze, then turn
right and look for a pair of teleporters at the far end of
the hall.  Stepping into a teleporter will place you back
at the top of the maze (A), and the blue-keyed door will be
right behind you.
If you have trouble crossing gaps with regular running, you
can try "strafe running", using a simultaneous combination
of Run plus Strafe.  This moves the player character at an
awkward angle, but yields a speed slightly above that of
normal running.

As you cross the first gap to the platform (D), the wall
ahead of you will drop down to reveal yet another platform
(E/H) across the next gap.  There will be a switch on the
wall at the far end.
Run across the gap to that platform (E/H).

The switch here causes the elevator (F/I) to lower for a
very brief time.
Activate the switch and QUICKLY run back across the two
gaps you just crossed, to the elevator (F/I) before it
rises again.  (To get to the elevator in time, you may want
to Activate the switch and immediately run backwards across
the gaps, then sidestep left onto the lowered elevator.)

Again, if you miss the jumps and fall, head down to the
teleporters and start again from the beginning (A).

Once you are atop the raised elevator (F/I), turn so that
you can see a switch on a wall in the distance (towards B).
This switch can be activated by a bullet or pellet; Shoot
it with your pistol, shotgun (either one) or chaingun.
After activation, the switch becomes concealed in the wall.

Step down off the elevator to the platform below (C), then
turn left.  Back up to the edge, and then Run across the
gap to the next platform (D).
Turn right and walk a few paces to the edge of the platform
(section G).  Walking here triggers an invisible tripwire
in the floor of the platform.
(Here, you can see the top of the red-keyed doorway that
opens into the small chamber where the Demon Artifact is.)

Turn and walk back to the other end of the platform (D).
Back up to the edge of the platform, and run across the gap
to the next platform (E/H) where you can access the switch
for the elevator.

Again, Activate this switch and quickly run back to the
elevator (F/I).  When the elevator is raised, you'll see
that the shootable switch in the distance is once again
revealed.  Shoot it to activate it, and then step down off
the elevator to the platform (C).

Run back across the gap to the next platform (D), and then
turn right.
The part of this platform (section G) that used to block
the red-keyed door has now lowered.
Simply step down off the platform (D) to the threshold of
the red door on your right, and open it (J) to reveal the
Demon Artifact.

Stepping through the red door counts as a Secret achieved,
and adds the Demon Artifact to your inventory.
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"Demon Artifact" is the term used at this site to describe
each of the three special objects that are hidden among the
secret levels of Doom 64.
Demon Artifacts boost the power of Doom 64's laser weapon,
and also act as special keys that can be used on Doom 64's
"Boss" level.

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