Master Levels for DOOM II Tech Support

Master Levels System Requirements

Master Levels for Doom II is available on CD-ROM only.

Master Levels for Doom II requires:

Recommended is a quad speed CD-ROM drive, a 486DX, MS DOS 6.0, and 16 Megs of RAM.

Master Levels Installation

Master Levels for Doom II is a DOS game.

To install and/or play the game you must be in DOS and should not be running Windows or OS/2.

To install from the CD:

  1. Place the CD in your drive.
  2. Access that drive by typing the drive letter, then a colon and pressing the Enter key.
  3. If you are installing Master Levels, change to the master levels directory.
  4. If you are installing Maximum Doom, change to the maximum directory.
  5. Type install at the prompt.
  6. Press the Enter key.
  7. Type the letter of the hard drive you wish to install to.
  8. Hit Enter to accept the default path.
  9. If the installation program asks to create a directory, hit Y.
  10. Then follow the on screen instructions.

3 - Master Levels Wads

First make sure that Doom and/or Doom II is installed and running correctly. Then, check your path to make sure it points to the correct directory. To do this, run doom-it in the master levels directory and click on Paths with your mouse. Type in the correct paths to your Doom and/or Doom II directory. Then check that the drive letter for your CD rom is correct. Change the drive letter if it is incorrect.

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