What You Will Need
o Two or more Game Boy® Advance systems (one for each player)
o Two or more DOOM II® Game Paks (one for each player)
o One to three Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cables
         Two-player game: One Game Link® cable
         Three-player game: Two Game Link® cables
         Four-player game: Three Game Link® cables

Connecting Cables

1. Check that the POWER switch on each Game Boy® Advance system is set to
   the OFF position. Insert a Game Pak into each Game Boy® Advance system.

2. Connect the Game Link® cables to each other, making sure that the host has
   the smaller, purple end of the Game Link® cables plugged into their Game
   Boy® Advance system.

3. Plug the Game Link® cables into the External Extension connector of the
   Game Boy® Advance systems, making sure that the small purple plug is
   connected to the Player 1 Game Boy® Advance system.

4. Turn the POWER switch on all Game Boy® Advance systems to the
   ON position.

5. See pages 10 through 12 for further instructions.

Note: Do not connect more Game Boy® Advance systems than necessary if you
are only playing a two-player or three-player game.

Please refer to the diagram for correct linking configuration.

Note: The small purple plug goes into the host Game Boy® Advance system.

Important Warning

You may experience communication failures and other problems if any of the
following occur:
o Use of a cable other than the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable.
o Failure to securely plug the Game Link® cable into the Game Boy® Advance
o Unplugging Game Link® cables from one or more Game Boy® Advance systems
  before the communication process is complete.
o Unplugging Game Link® cables during game play.
o Failure to connect the Game Link® cables to the Game Boy® Advance systems
  as shown in the diagram below.
o Any connected Game Boy® Advance system does not have the required
o More than four Game Boy® Advance systems are connected at once.

Note: The Multiplayer Menu will refresh every few seconds. A multiplayer
game must not be started until all players have the Multiplayer Menu showing.

Proper Connections Scheme
Note: All Game Boy Advance systems must have a DOOM II® Game Pak to play.

.-------.                   .-------.
|  P 1  |  a------#------A  |  P 2  |
`-------'                   `-------'
a = narrow end    |
A = wide end      |
                  |                   .-------.
b = narrow end    #  c------#------C  |  P 4  |
B = wide end      |                   `-------'
c = narrow end    |
C = wide end      B

              |  P 3  |

Game manual excerpts Copyright (C) 2001 Nintendo; Linking diagram by Ledmeister
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