What You Will Need
2 or more Game Boy® Advance systems (one for each player)
2 or more DOOM Game Paks (one for each player)
1-3 Game Link® cables
   o Two-player game: 1 Game Link® cable
   o Three-player game: 2 Game Link® cables
   o Four-player game: 3 Game Link® cables

Connecting the Cables

1. Check that the POWER switch on each GBA is set to the "OFF" position.
   Insert a Game Pak into each GBA.

2. Connect the Game Link® cables to each other, making sure that the host has
   the smaller, purple end of the Game Link® cables plugged in to their GBA.

3. Plug the Game Link® cables into the External Extension Connector of the
   GBAs, making sure that the small purple plug is connected to the Player 1

4. Turn the POWER switch on all GBAs to the "ON" position.

5. See pages 9-12 for further instructions.

Note: Do not connect more GBAs than necessary if you are only playing a
Two-player or Three-player game.

Please refer to the diagram on the following page for the correct linking
configuration. Note that the small purple plug goes into the host GBA.

Important Warning
You may experience communication failures and other problems if any of the
following occur:
   o Use of a cable other than the Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable.
   o Failure to securely plug the Game Link® cable into the GBAs.
   o Unplugging Game Link® cables from one or more GBAs before the
     communication process is complete.
   o Unplugging Game Link® cables during game play.
   o Failure to connect the Game Link® cables to the GBAs as shown in the
     diagram below.
   o Any connected GBA does not have the required cartridge.
   o More than four GBAs are connected at once.

Note: The multiplayer menu will refresh every few seconds. A multiplayer game
must not be started until all players have the multiplayer menu showing.

Proper Connection Scheme

Note: All Game Boy® Advance systems
must have a DOOM Game Pak to play.

.-------.                   .-------.
|  P 1  |  a------#------A  |  P 2  |
`-------'                   `-------'
a = narrow end    |
A = wide end      |
                  |                   .-------.
b = narrow end    #  c------#------C  |  P 4  |
B = wide end      |                   `-------'
c = narrow end    |
C = wide end      B

              |  P 3  |

Game manual excerpts Copyright (C) 2001 Nintendo; Linking diagram by Ledmeister
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