Id Software's Website - Center of the Doom Universe
Doomworld - Doom news and information site
OldDoom.com - More information on the original PC games
Doom Depot - Graphics, maps, and music from many platforms
The DHS - The original Doom Help Service at gamers.org
Compet-n database - Index of world-class demos at Compet-n
More links

README.TXT - Id's original Doom overview/instructions file
Official Doom/Doom II FAQ - Old but important and extensive
Rec.Games.Computer.Doom FAQ - Good all-around Doom FAQ
The Doom Wiki - Large public resource of Doom information
Unofficial Master Levels FAQ - Extensive Master Levels info
The BFG FAQ - Useful facts, tips and info on the BFG 9000
Wikipedia: Doom - Doom-related information at Wikipedia.org

Get Doom shareware v1.9 - DOOM19S.ZIP, 2.4Mb
Chocolate Doom - Classic Doom source port for modern OSes
Crispy Doom site - Expanded Chocolate Doom source port
Doomsday engine - Doom source port
Doom Legacy site - Doom source port
PrBoom-plus engine - Expanded PrBoom/GlBoom source port
PrBoom engine - Doom source port (updated Boom engine)
Eternity engine - Doom source port
ZDoom engine - Doom source port
ZDaemon site - Play Doom games online (ZDoom-based)
Zandromun site - Play Doom games online (ZDoom-based)
Skulltag site - Play Doom games online (ZDoom-based)
Doom Builder - Level editor for Doom/Doom II/other
DeeP/DeePsea - Level editor for Doom/Doom II/other
Obsidian project site - Doom/Doom II random map generator
Doom64 EX - Doom 64 on PC (needs ROM image, not included)
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