Doom 64 passwords to enable the Features menu (cheat-options menu):

Skill level     | Normal starting status | Maximum starting status
"BE GENTLE!"....|.BXR8 9BJ6 68XT 1VK?....|.?QDM 7HYC BB4X FJVB....
"BRING IT ON!"..|.B1RR 9BJ5 68X? ZVK?....|.?LD4 7HYB BB4D CJVB....
"I OWN DOOM!"...|.B5Q8 9BJ4 68YT XVK?....|.?GFM 7HYT BB9X KHVB....
"WATCH ME DIE!".|.B9QR 9BJ3 68Y? VVK?....|.?BF4 7HYS BB9D HHVB....
Notes: All passwords here will start a new game on map level 1, STAGING AREA,
and activate the game's Features menu (which is usually hidden and disabled).
"Normal starting status" provides a player with 100% health, 0% armor, a pistol
and 50 bullets (no backpack, no Demon Artifacts).
"Maximum starting status" provides a player with 200% health, 200% armor, all
weapons, a backpack, maximum ammo for each weapon, and all 3 Demon Artifacts.
(Demon Artifacts enhance the player's laser weapon, and may also be used as
special keys on map level 28, THE ABSOLUTION.)
For information on the cheat options available through Doom 64's Features menu,

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