YouTube Playlist: Doom 64 (2020) Achievements/Trophies

Below is a list of YouTube videos showing methods to quickly unlock each of the
Achievements or Trophies in the 2020 commercial versions of Doom 64 on PC, Xbox
One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Most of these are unlocked with the assistance of special passwords that start
the game on a specific level, and give the player boosted health and ordnance.

Click the links below for individual videos, or see the complete Playlist here:

Mother May I? (150G/Bronze)
Defeat the Mother of All Demons on The Absolution
Run time: 0:56

Walk the Path (125G/Bronze)
Finish the Lost Levels mission
Run time: 0:44

Secret Sleuth (50G/Silver)
Discover a secret area
Run time: 0:24

My Cause is Just, My Will is Strong (50G/Silver)
Find the BFG9000
Unholy Firepower (75G/Silver)
Find the Unmaker
Run time: 0:19

Persistence is the Key (125G/Bronze)
Acquire all 3 Demon Key Artifacts in the main campaign
Run time: 1:00

Rip and Tear! (100G/Silver)
Kill a Cyberdemon
That was Fun (100G/Silver)
Finish a 'Fun' Level
Run time: 0:28

RVNH3CT1CD3M0??? (100G/Gold)
Locate the secret level 'Hectic'
Run time: 1:50

Escape Artist (125/Bronze)
Finish 'No Escape' on Watch Me Die skill level
Run time: 1:00

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