V11BBUGS.ZIP: Barrel-Bug Demo Collection for PC Doom v1.1

Last update: 08/22/2002

The Doom and Doom II Barrel Bug: If a monster is hurt in a
barrel explosion, it may turn and attack anyone who struck
the barrel prior to the explosion.

In early versions of Doom, a monster may even attempt to
attack itself after being hurt by a barrel that it damaged.
Examples of that behavior are captured in this collection.

In most cases, a monster that attempts to attack itself
will make repeated attacks towards the east side of the map
(Lost Souls will attack once towards the east, then resume
their normal behavior).  Some types of monsters will damage
themselves in these attacks, others will not.

These demos are for PC Doom version 1.1.  If you don't have
that version, you can "downgrade" a copy of Doom version
1.9 to version 1.1.  You can get a downgrade patch by going
to http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=8611 and
looking for the file called DOWNGRD.ZIP.
Once you download and unzip that file, be sure to carefully
read the docs you'll find in the DOWNGRAD.TXT file before
attempting to run the patch program.
Warning: Only apply a downgrade patch to a backup copy of
your game; Never apply any patch to your only working copy.

The LMP files in V11BBUGS.ZIP:

IMP1-V11 (E1M1, 0:18, Skill 2): Imp, left-side view
IMP2-V11 (E1M1, 0:21, Skill 2): Imp, front view
ZOM1-V11 (E1M2, 0:25, Skill 2): Zombieman
ZOM2-V11 (E1M2, 0:38, Skill 2): Zombieman surprises another
BAR1-V11 (E1M8, 1:15, Skill 2): Baron of Hell
BAR2-V11 (E1M8, 1:04, Skill 2): Baron gets an Assist
LOST-V11 (E3M4, 0:39, Skill 2): Lost Soul, momentarily lost
DEM1-V11 (E3M4, 0:20, Skill 3): Demon
DEM2-V11 (E3M4, 0:42, Skill 3): Demons manipulated to fight
CAC1-V11 (E3M4, 0:41, Skill 4): Cacodemon, "white-out" view
CAC2-V11 (E3M4, 1:00, Skill 4): Cacodemon, standard view

(Also included is a copy of this page as a plain-ASCII text
file, named V11BBUGS.TXT.)

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