Reproducing a "closing room" bug in PlayStation Doom

Start on level 19, House of Pain.  [PSX Doom passwords / Level 19 map]
When you first appear on this level you'll be in a small room at the north end
of the map; You'll be facing south, looking down a hallway towards a teleporter
pad on the floor at the far end.
Go step on that pad, and you'll reappear in a teleporter booth near the middle
of the map.  Step out and enter the area just to your right.  Kill the enemies
here, then bring up your Automap screen.
On the Automap this room basically looks like a narrow, vertically-oriented
rectangle, and the teleporter booth is just to the east.  In the middle of the
west edge of the room is an opening that leads out to the rest of the level.

On the Automap you'll see a pair of parallel yellow lines at that west-side
opening.  Walk up to the eastern-most of those two lines and try to activate it
like a door or switch.  (The line can be activated from either direction.)
Once activated, the room's ceiling and walls will drop down to floor level,
while making a typical door-moving sound.
If you're standing under that ceiling, it will bounce off you and rise back up
again temporarily.  If you're outside this room and the ceiling reaches the
floor, it will remain down permanently.  The sides of the lowered ceiling will
block access to the room, and display a darkened, scrambled surface texture.

Standing just outside the "rectangle" room, looking east.  (Teleporter booth is
at the far side, and off to the left.)

Same location, after the ceiling has dropped.  The scrambled pattern seen above
can appear to shimmer or flicker in the actual game, and will change appearance
somewhat as the player moves around.

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