To get the Megasphere in the small cage in Doom 64 level 6,
Alpha Quadrant:

Background: At one corner of this map is a small, square
room with a 4-sided cage at its center.  The cage surrounds
a Mega Sphere.  One side of the cage is ripped open, but
the hole is slightly too high to allow direct access from
the floor.

Here's how to get to the Mega Sphere:

From that cage, turn and walk up the very short stairway
that leads out of this room.  At the top of those steps,
turn left, then follow the left-hand wall as you go down
another short flight of steps, then up one long, straight
flight of steps.  At the intersection at the top of those
steps, turn to face left.

Now follow the right-hand wall until you see a rectangular
window up ahead, covered by a heavy wire mesh.  This window
looks into a small octagonal room with a sunken floor.

Just around the corner to the right of that window there is
a square doorway that allows access to this octagonal room.
(If the door is closed, turn left to put the door at your
right side, then follow the right-hand wall (the outer wall
of the octagonal room) around to the right, until you come
to a switch on the wall, and activate it to open the door.)

Go stand on the floor down in the center of that octagonal
room, then turn around to face the open doorway.

In one smooth motion, run back through the doorway and turn
right.  Follow the right-hand wall (the outer wall of the
octagonal room) around to the right for a few paces, and
look for a new opening on your left.  (This opening appears
temporarily whenever you leave the octagonal room from its

The passage opens for just a couple of seconds, then closes
again.  If you just missed the opening, try to take note of
its location; then simply go back down into the octagonal
room and make another attempt.

Once you get into the new passage, simply follow it down
and around until a panel opens ahead of you, revealing the
small room with the caged Mega Sphere.

With the panel open, you can Run (remember your Run button)
from the end of the passage through the hole in the cage to
grab the Mega Sphere.

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