To find the secret exit on Doom 64 level 1, Staging Area:

When you start the game, take note of three things in the
immediate starting area: A barrel a little ahead of you and
to the right, another barrel farther ahead and a bit to the
left against the far wall, and a door directly behind you.

The door behind you leads to a small room.  As you enter
that room, you'll see a Berserk Pack ahead of you, and on
the floor to your left is a blood stain.  The secret exit
(a teleporter booth) is hidden in the wall directly behind
this blood stain.

To open the teleport booth, you have to destroy all of the
barrels on the level.  There are 10 of them, and a couple
of them are hard to find.  (Read BARRELS, below, for their
locations, or click to view a map of barrel locations.)
As the last barrel explodes, the exit booth opens up, stays
open for about 5 seconds, and then closes.  Once closed,
it's closed permanently; Therefore, you want to be able to
get to the secret exit quickly after destroying the last
barrel.  You can choose among a few different barrels to be
the last one; but the easiest thing to do is to save one of
the barrels in the starting area for last.

When you're ready to exit, open the door to the small room
with the secret exit, and then stand in the doorway so that
it can't close.  Then use your pistol or shotgun and fire
at the barrel you've saved for last.  You can shoot through
the wire screen blocking the nearest barrel.

As the last barrel explodes, turn and Run into the secret
exit teleporter, and you're off to level 32...

There are 10 barrels in this level.  Barrels 9 and 10 are
in the starting area, as mentioned above.  Save one of
these for last.
Walk out of the starting area and turn left, and walk along
until you see a door on your left.  Enter that room and
barrel 1 is in there.

Walk out of that room and turn left and walk to the end of
the hallway, then turn right.  Walk all the way to the end
until you're at a triangular switch.  This switch lowers a
lift; Get on and ride up.
When you get to the top you'll be looking down a long
hallway, with short hallways branching off on either side.
Walk all the way to the end of this hallway, and take the
last left, then left again.  On your left will be a secret
panel.  (Almost all of the walls in the area have twin rows
of circles running horizontally across them; the secret
panel is missing these circles.)
Open that panel and barrel 2 is in there.

The blue key is in this general area of this level; find
that, and then go back to the lift.
As you approach the lift you'll see barrel 3 ahead to the

Drop down off the lift to fall back into the hallway you
came from a while ago.  Walk forward until you come to the
blue-keyed door on the left.  Walk in through the door and
you'll see barrel 4 ahead of you across the room.

You'll find a thick pillar in the middle of this room, and
a small stair-step in a corner, leading up.  Walk up the
steps and turn around to your left until you're facing a
switch that's in a small cubbyhole in the side of that big
central pillar.
Back up to get a running start and Run into the cubbyhole.
When you activate the switch, it temporarily lowers a lift
in the corner of the room.  The lift drops down below floor
level, opening a path below.
Activate the switch and quickly back out of the cubbyhole
and look to the right.  If you can make it to the opening
in time, jump down in, and in the lower pathway you'll see
barrel 5.
When the barrel is destroyed you can either ride the lift
back up, or take the teleporter that's around the corner
from where that barrel was.  If you take the teleporter,
it'll send you back to the starting area...

After barrel 5 is destroyed, come back to the big room you
were just in, with the cubbyhole switch in the big pillar.
Go back to that stair-step in the corner.  Go back up the
steps and turn left.  Walk down the corridor until you find
a switch on your left.  Activate it and behind you a door
opens into a wide room.  Barrel 6 is in there, and there's
a switch on the far wall of this room.  Activate it.

Walk back out of the room, and turn left.  Go back down the
corridor until you come to a new opening on the left, and
walk through that.
Follow the left path around to a small alcove on your left.
Walk in there and the floor drops down.  Just ahead is a
tiny room below floor level, where you'll find several
health potions, a special monitor screen on the wall, and
barrel 7.

Come back up out of this room, turn left and proceed down
the path to the door ahead of you.  Open it and go through
into a large room.  At the far end of this room is another
door leading into a small room where the regular exit to
level 2 is.  In here is barrel 8.

Now go back to the starting area to finish off the last
barrel(s) you left there.
To get back to the starting area, you can use one of two
teleporters.  There's the one teleporter in the sunken
passage leading from the room where you found barrel 5; and
there's another, hidden teleporter behind a secret panel
located just outside and across from the blue-keyed door.

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