o Quick-reference list of terms used in the documents at ClassicDOOM.com:

  ADD-AMMO CODE (also HAPPY AMMO): Adds weapons, ammo; often adds armor, keys.
  ARCH-VILE: Fast, powerful monster, with ability to resurrect killed monsters.
  ATARI DOOM (also JAGUAR DOOM): Alternate term for Doom for the Atari Jaguar.
  ATTRACT MODE: Animation during any idle time before a player begins playing.
  BAPHOMET: Term for a special "Boss" entity found in many Doom II-based games.
  BERSERK PACK: Raises low health to 100%; boosts punch power until next map.
  BLUR ARTIFACT: Object makes player temporarily "blurred" and/or translucent.
  CHEAT CODES: Commands allowing such things as permanent invulnerability, etc.
  CLASSIC DOOM: Doom games before Doom 3, or having/simulating id Tech 1 code.
  COMMAND-LINE PARAMETER: A command suffix typed after the (PC-game) filename.
  COMMANDER KEEN: Hero of Commander Keen games; A cameo in some Doom II games.
  COMPUTER AREA MAP ITEM: Adds any boundary data missing from player's Automap.
  CONSOLE: A large-format video-game system, typically used with a television.
  COOPERATIVE/CO-OP: Similar to single-player mode, but with multiple players.
  CRUSHING CEILINGS: Ceiling areas which can drop, crushing players/monsters.
  CYBERDEMON: Giant, extremely tough minotaur-like monster; Rocket-firing arm.
  CYCLIC-ACCESS: Choosing a weapon by cycling through other available weapons.
  DEATHMATCH: Player-versus-player gameplay.  PC versions can include monsters.
  DEMO: Recorded gameplay.  Some Doom games replay demos during "Attract mode".
  DEMON: "Demon" (capital D) is a pink, muscular, hunched-over, biting monster.
  DIRECT-ACCESS: Choosing a weapon without cycling through any other weapons.
  DM: Shorthand/abbreviation used for "Deathmatch" (player-versus-player mode).
  DOOM (1993, also DOOM 1): First Doom game; PC Doom has three 9-map Episodes.
  DOOM CLASSIC: Full title of Apple iOS Doom (an iOS port of PC Ultimate Doom).
  DOOM CLASSIC COMPLETE: A retail bundle of Doom/Doom II games for PS3 and PC.
  DOOM GAME/GAMES (when used generally): Any/all (Classic) Doom/Doom II games.
  DOOM II (DOOM 2: HELL ON EARTH): PC Doom 1 sequel with new monsters, 32 maps.
  DOOM II GAMES: Generally, Doom II and Doom II-based products like Final Doom.
  DOOM II MONSTERS: PC Doom II monsters that are not found in PC Ultimate Doom.
  DOOM 3: Game debuting in 2004, featuring a new engine, graphics and gameplay.
  DOOM 64: N64 game, with modified "Classic" engine, all-new graphics and maps.
  DOOM 64 EX/DOOM64 EX: Third-party software for computer emulation of Doom 64.
  DOOM 95: Windows 95-compatible loader and engine for older PC DOS Doom games.
  E#M#: Episode and Mission (Map) designator for map levels in some Doom games.
  EAST: In most Doom games, a direction towards the right edge of the Automap.
  EPISODE: A group of map levels.  Most games end after an Episode's last map.
  FINAL DOOM: PC: Two 32-map Doom II games; PS1: One 30-map (3 Episode) game.
  FRAG: The killing of a player by any player during any multiplayer Doom game.
  GAMMA-CORRECTION: A brightness/contrast adjustment option in some Doom games.
  GBA: Acronym used for Nintendo's portable "Game Boy Advance" gaming devices.
  HANDHELD: Small, self-contained game-oriented device, such as Nintendo's GBA.
  HEALTH POTION: "Bottle" item adding 1% or 2% health (varies by game version).
  HEAVY WEAPON DUDE: Humanoid chaingunner in most Doom II-based games/Episodes.
  HOE/H.O.E.: Refers to Doom II: Hell on Earth, the first Doom II game/Episode.
  ID TECH 1: Doom (1993) engine; base code for most Classic Doom/Doom II games.
  IMPACT-ACTIVATED: Activated by impact of a fist, saw blade, bullet or pellet.
  INVINCIBILITY (also DEGREELESSNESS/GOD MODE): Protection from some/all harm.
  INVULNERABILITY ARTIFACT: Green sphere; provides temporary "invincibility".
  IOS: Apple mobile device Operating System, for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, etc.
  IOS DOOM: Doom (Ultimate Doom) for Apple iOS devices, sold as "Doom Classic".
  JAGUAR MAPS/MAPSET: Jaguar Doom's 24 maps (22 edited PC maps, 2 non-PC maps).
  LIGHT-AMPLIFICATION VISORS: Temporarily boosts player's night-vision ability.
  LOST SOUL: Floating, flaming skull-like monster, in most Doom/Doom II games.
  MAC: Common abbreviation indicating Apple Macintosh computers or Doom games.
  MAP LEVEL: Term used to distinguish "level" (environment) from "skill level".
  MAPSET: Group of related maps, such as The Master Levels or Jaguar Doom maps.
  MASTER LEVELS: PC: 21 Master Levels CD maps; some used in PS and Xbox games.
  MASTER LEVELS CD: PC CD has map/file sets "Master Levels" and "Maximum Doom".
  MAXIMUM DOOM: Collection of hundreds of map levels on the Master Levels CD.
  MEGASPHERE: Beige sphere in some games which boosts health and armor to 200%.
  N64: Abbreviation for the Nintendo 64 console.  Native platform for Doom 64.
  NIGHTMARE SKILL LEVEL: Hardest skill level in many versions.  Specifics vary.
  NO REST FOR THE LIVING: Newer 9-map Doom II Episode for Xbox 360, PC and PS3.
  NORTH: In most Doom games, a direction towards the top edge of the Automap.
  NRFTL: Shorthand for "No Rest For The Living", a newer Doom II Episode/game.
  OBJECT INDICATORS: On the Automap, triangular icons which represent "things".
  OFFICIAL SECRET: Element of a map level that affects the secrets-found score.
  OLD XBOX/ORIGINAL XBOX: Microsoft's first generation of Xbox game consoles.
  PAIN ELEMENTAL: A floating monster in some Doom games; Generates Lost Souls.
  PC: Usually refers to PC Doom games and equivalent computer-based Doom games.
  PLUTONIA: PC: 32-map game in Final Doom; PS1: A 6-map Episode of Final Doom.
  PORT: Translation of software used on one system to software used on another.
  POWER-UP: In general, any retrievable object that is beneficial to a player.
  PS: Prefix/acronym used for a range of Sony PlayStation devices and services.
  PS1/PSONE/PSX: Indicates Sony PlayStation 1 console or console architecture.
  PS3: Sony PlayStation 3 console.  Can play PS3 and (1-player) PS1 Doom games.
  PSN: Sony's PlayStation Network, an online service for PS3 and other devices.
  PSX: An acronym commonly used for the original 1995 Sony PlayStation console.
  RADIATION SUIT/SHIELD: Power-up giving temporary defense against corrosives.
  RE-SPAWN: Refers to regeneration of killed monsters, or replacement of items.
  REVENANT: Skeleton-like monster in some Doom games; Can fire homing missiles.
  SNES (also SUPER NES): Acronym for the "Super Nintendo Entertainment System".
  SOUL SPHERE: Blue sphere, adds up to 100% health.  Also called "Supercharge".
  SOUTH: In most Doom games, a direction towards the lower edge of the Automap.
  SPECTRE: "Blurred" and/or translucent Demon (effect varies by game version).
  SPIDER MASTERMIND: Giant, very tough spider-monster, with built-in chaingun.
  SPIRIT ARMOR: "Helmet" item adds 1% or 2% to armor (varies by game version).
  SS OFFICER: Enemy from "Wolfenstein 3D", and some maps in some Doom II games.
  STATUS BAR/STATUS: Screen area showing status of player's health, armor, etc.
  STORY TEXT: Story text displayed between separate Episodes and/or map levels.
  TALLY SCREEN: Shows Kills, Items and Secrets scored on a completed map level.
  THY FLESH CONSUMED: Ultimate Doom's subtitle, and name of its fourth Episode.
  TNT/EVILUTION: PC: 32-map game in Final Doom; PS1: 11-map Final Doom Episode.
  TOGGLE: To change between 2 (or more) states by repeating a single procedure.
  UDOOM: Shorthand for "Ultimate Doom" (an update/reissue of original Doom 1).
  (THE) ULTIMATE DOOM: Update/reissue of original Doom 1; adds fourth Episode.
  WAD: One or more map levels combined in a file for computer-based Doom games.
  WARP/WARPING: Allows quick transfer to a new map level without using an Exit.
  WEST: In most Doom games, a direction towards the left edge of the Automap.
  XB: Prefix/acronym used for a range of Microsoft Xbox consoles and services.
  XB1: Informal shorthand for Xbox One console(s), Microsoft's third Xbox type.
  XBLA: Acronym for Xbox Live Arcade, a subcomponent of Xbox Live on Xbox 360.
  XBOX 360: Second Xbox console type, between (Old/Original) Xbox and Xbox One.
  XBOX 360 DOOM (also XBLA DOOM): Ultimate Doom for Xbox 360; Also on Xbox One.
  XBOX 360 DOOM II (also XBLA DOOM II): Doom II package for Xbox 360, Xbox One.
  XBOX DOOM: Shorthand for Old-Xbox Ultimate Doom (released with Xbox Doom 3).
  XBOX LIVE/XBOX LIVE ARCADE: Refers to online services for Microsoft consoles.
  XBOX ONE: Third Xbox console type, follows (Old/Original) Xbox and Xbox 360.
  ZODIAC: Versatile, game-oriented Personal Digital Assistant, by Tapwave, Inc.
  ZOMBIEMAN: Rifle-toting zombie (also "Former Human"/"Former Human Soldier").

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