Special thanks to Ian Mapleson, for inspiration to compile
all my codes into a Doom cheats FAQ (which in turn led to
the creation of my first Doom Website), for including some
of my information among his popular Doom Webpages, and for
putting up with all my e-mail...

To Ty Halderman, for putting all my files on cdrom.com (now
3darchives), no matter how many times I sent him new files
with microscopic corrections to replace the older ones.  I
also appreciated his positive feedback on FDoomCmp...

To Fred Hommel of Doom 95 fame, for writing to me out of
the blue to give me the scoop on the hidden Doom 95 cheats
(and for putting up with all of my subsequent e-mail)...

To Henrik Larsen, author of The Unofficial Master Levels
FAQ, for letting me work on it with him.  It was fun, and
gave me a good excuse to play more Doom...

To Doug "Opulent" Merrill for always promoting my site in
the newsgroups, for including some of my demos in his great
Speed Demos Archive, and in general for being a friend to
me and everyone else in the Doom community...

To Tim "Peach Freak" Brastow, who authored several in-depth
walkthroughs now hosted here...

To David Calvin, David Blanshine and Michael Bukowski, who
graciously provided the raw PC WAD files for the special
hidden maps I discovered in the Xbox Classic Doom games.  I
also very much appreciate their permission to let me fix
some bugs in the WADs, and then host all the files here...

To GameFAQs members gearratio and Recoome_is_god, and to
Doomworlder Randy87, for their assistance in tracking down
some software tools...

To Lee Killough, who pointed out an error in my Doom Myths
page (a mistake that I should've noticed weeks earlier when
I experienced something "impossible" in Final Doom)...

To the great Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal and Rob "Elbryan42"
Lunnin, for keeping the classic console Doom games alive...

To Never_Again, for motivation and assistance in getting my
Doom demos on YouTube, and for his Doom Life camaraderie...

To GameFAQs, IGN FAQs, Neoseeker FAQs, Stage Select, and
Cheatcodes.com, who publish and promote many of my FAQs...

Thanks also to id Software, GT Interactive, Lewis Galoob
Toys, Williams Entertainment, Midway Home Entertainment,
Vicarious Visions, Nerve Software, Nintendo of America,
Activision, John Romero, Hank Leukart, Frans P. de Vries,
John Van Essen, and 3dgamers.com.

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