Title           : Doom95 demo recording bug fix
Filename        : dm95fix.zip 
                  (including doomlnch.dll and this readme)
Authors         : Never_Again
Email           : tpoppins@juno.com
Author Info     : I am is that which ends.
Other Files     : /idgames/levels/reviews/oggi1rev.txt (Oggi.wad 
                  review); /idgames/graphics/dmicons.zip (53 Doom 
                  icons for Windoze).
Description     : There is a bug in Doom95 which prevents demo 
                  recording: as soon as you get into the game, Doom95 
                  dumps you back to the desktop with an "I_Error says: 
                  demo  recorded". I hax0red Doom95's 
                  doomlnch.dll and now demo recording works as it is 
                  supposed to. 
Installation    : Copy the included DOOMLNCH.DLL into your Doom95 
                  directory, overwriting the old file when prompted.
Kudos to        : id Software for Doom
                  Fred Hommel for Doom95 (a couple of minor bugs 
                  notwithstanding) and generally being a nice guy.                          
* What is included *
New levels      : None
New Sounds      : Nope
New Graphics    : Look, I toldja: this is a Dynamic Links Library file, 
Requirements    : Doom95 for Windoze is required. If you run something 
                  else or don't record demos, you don't need this fix.
Tip             : By default, a demo recording  session lasts  only 15 
                  minutes, which equates to the demo file size of 128kB.
                  Use "-maxdemo 512" for a demo that will be an hour 
                  long, or "-maxdemo 1024" for two hours, and so on.

* Construction *

Base            : doomlnch.dll that comes with Doom95

Construction    : a few minutes of hacking

Editor used     : Disc Sector Editor by David Stang

Known Bugs      : Incompatible with zDoom (doh)
                  The fix doesn't affect gameplay in any way that I 
                  am aware of (extensively tested since 1998). Email 
                  me if it does.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Copy and distibute it far and wide.

* Where to get this ZIP *

email me


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