Location of Deathmatch-only exit switch in TNT/Evilution level Ballistyx

Below are images from the Ballistyx level in Final Doom: TNT/Evilution.  In the
northwest quadrant of this level is an outdoor section that is set aside for
Deathmatch games.  This section has its own exit switch, accessible by using a
pedestal-like lift that's located below and in front of the switch.

Click for PC level map
Click for PS1 level map
(Maps of unequal scale)

In Single-player and Co-op games, access to this Deathmatch area is blocked by
a small rectangular cage at the north end.  While you cannot move beyond the
cage in these games, you can exchange fire with monsters outside, and may also
be able to see the outdoor exit switch.

In the PC version the switch is just above the top of the cage, and thus fairly
hard to spot from inside.  In the PS1 game the entire outdoor area is shortened
vertically, and the switch is lower and much easier to see.

Image from PC version (click to expand)

Image from PC version (click to expand)

Image from PS1/PSX version (click to expand)

In the PC version of the game, Ballistyx is level 26, and both exit switches
(Single/Co-op and Deathmatch) lead to level 27, Mount Pain.  In the PS1 version
Ballistyx is level 23, and both exits lead to 24, Heck.

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